Leanne is an outstanding teacher. So grounded and serene, with a knowledge of the body to be reckoned with! I can’t recommend her more highly!
— Sia
(Los Angeles)
I am 30 years old and never tried Yoga until a few months ago. Lucky enough my first experience was with Leanne. Leanne is amazing. She knows how to teach and also knows how to make yoga a fabulous experience. I was not flexible at all and Leanne has helped me working on that. I can already see the results. Very impressive. I could not see myself doing Yoga with anyone else than Leanne. She is simply great.
— Philip Eytan
(New York)
Before I started working with Leanne, I could never get into yoga. I was more of a cardio girl, and wanted a high adrenalin high impact workout. I thought I would try yoga to balance out my running. As soon as I started working with her, I became addicted. Not only has she changed my body, and the way I approach exercise, but her weekly sessions have given me an increased sense of serenity and balance in my life, not to mention more flexibility, longer leaner muscles, and an overall feeling of health and well being.
— Eleanor Ylvisaker
(New York)
Working in a very fast pace, big organisation can be quite stressful. Sometimes you are so busy that you forget to breathe! Leanne came to our business to teach meditation and it was a great experience. Her classes helped me to prepare for the day ahead. It grounded me and cleared my mind and my day was then of much better quality. Leanne has a very serene and nurturing approach. She really connected with us and was full of great wellness and health advices. I also loved her inspiring quotes. I highly recommend her meditation classes to all businesses.
— Anaelle
Reckitt Benckiser (RB)
Leanne brings to the yoga mat her spirit and positive energy. It was always a wonderful experience to have her guide me through every pose with mindfulness and enthusiasm. My Downward Dog never looked so good!
— Deborra-Lee Furness
(New York/ Sydney)
After practicing yoga on and off for six years, I have finally found the greatest teacher imaginable! Leanne has truly taken my practice to another level — something no other teacher has been able to do. I can honestly say that I have learned more from Leanne in 3 months than I learned in six years! Leanne has helped me improve my technique and correct everything I was doing wrong. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she has a wonderful way of explaining things — which leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of yoga. Her sunny personality is something I look forward to every week!
— Ferebee Bishop Taube
(New York)
Having studied yoga in so many different classes and practices for a number of years now, I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much or improved as rapidly as I have doing privates with Leanne. She’s a truly amazing teacher with such incredible knowledge of the body as well as each posture she teaches — And she always takes the time to make sure you fully understand, to make sure you really get it right and extract the maximum benefits. Her lessons are fun. This woman is a bonafide YOGA ROCKSTAR — Trust me, your waist-line will thank you later!
— Maggie Betts
(New York)
After an extended break away from my practice, Leanne helped me rediscover the joy of yoga. Leanne is the best!
— Julian Hamilton,
The Presets